What exactly are you buying?

I am writing this post after reading the weekly Sunday email What Exactly are You Selling? from Chris Brogan.

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Here are a few interesting things for business owners to think deeply about:

What exactly are you buying?

Are you being very clear on what you’re selling?

Are you speaking about what you offer, do, and sell, but not explaining properly to your prospective buyer the value you are delivering?

Are you using big fancy words that show how your service is important but fail to reach your audience who needs to hear a few simple words?

And so this reminded me about my new 101 ways to maximize your blog workbook that I just wrote and got me thinking if the way I presented it really makes my readers understand how they’d benefit.

So here’s how I decided to write this post and get feedback from you, my dear readers, about how clear that page is. I called it What exactly are you buying? to mimic the What Exactly are You Selling? title, which I thought was really smart :)

But really what I’m asking is for you to go take a look at the 101 ways to maximize your blog workbook page (go ahead, I’ll wait!) and then come back here with a comment to tell me:

Do you feel the benefits are explained in a way you understand or would you change it?

What do you feel it’d help you make your decision that this workbook is right for you (no matter if you decide to get it or not!) 

Any other advice you’d like to give, I always appreciate it!

Your turn!

Please leave me a comment, it’d help me a lot to understand what you need and help YOU in the end! And also share this post so others can benefit.

Have a great blog!


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    Delia I spend 2 days working with your workbook! A few things I had worked with your advice on the Facebook group page, we’re discuss on the book, and after reading them again, make me go back to my blog and review them. However, they were other information that I found useful for my blog. This is about needs, and you cover all my needs on this workbook. The information is straight to the point, 70 pages is not bad for someone who likes to read. I have read over 20 books with more than 300 pages from College, and 70 pages is nothing at least for me. I do have a question but I’ll leave it to the Facebook Group !

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        Delia I clean up my blog! I follow step by steps your advices on the workbook, and my blog looks way better than before. One thing that I’m thinking about it is to change my background, but I will work on that later.

        Indeed, when I started blogging I did not have a clue of what I was doing, and I always will be grateful the night I land on your page, because I have learn a lot you. What I love the most from your post, you keep nice, short and simple but with quality information. To be honest I do not like post that are too long, and when I finish reading them I do not feel that I gain knowledge from them. I’m a visual learner, and you have everything I need to learn, step by step instructions, photos, and if you want your readers to read more about the subject, you linked with other post. So definitely I feel that your blog feels like home to me! Thank you :)
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    your writing is so different…very simple and informative one…I got a lots information from this small post…thanks for a good post about selling and buying.

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    I appreciate that your workbook is a “do and implement at your own pace” resource. Also, that you include the blogging community in case the purchaser runs into challenges. As someone who only works with clients that commit to taking responsibility for their own outcomes – I really love that you pointed out that this is a “work” book! :) Great page!
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    I think it’s clear about what you’re buying and why you’re paying for it. I agree with others that it’s a little daunting at 70 pages long but then you are being very thorough so it would need to be long. I think it sounds pretty helpful for complete beginners.

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      Thanks for the feedback, Phoebe!

      The pages are really airy because there is space left to write down notes so you can keep track of what you need to do to get your blog in shape, I agree that there’s a thin line between having enough content to work on and content overwhelm.
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    Delia — I looked through the workbook and I think it will be a valuable tool for beginning bloggers. It’s too late to change the title but the word “maximize” is too generic. You need a more powerful verb — what does maximize mean? Your blog will make you more money? Attract more visitors and subscribers? Hope this is helpful.
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    I agree that 70 pages is a lot – even for DIY like me. I just don’t know if I’ll have the time to get to it. I like that you explain why it’s not free. Although we’d all love for everything to be free, you’re 100% that when we buy something we tend to pay more attention to it. The only other thing I’d suggest is like a top 5 bulleted list of how it can help me. Specifics in short nuggets are always better to explain things, as I wasn’t really sure how it was going to help me right out of the gate.
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      This is great feedback Samantha, noted!

      I’ll have to go back and refine a bit the way the details are presented for someone who is coming perhaps for the first time and they do not know a lot about me and the help I can provide. Thanks!
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    Hi Delia – Hmm, for me, it isn’t clear what the benefits are of buying the workbook.
    It is clear what’s included but not how they’re going to help me.
    I would be buying a solution, but you haven’t made the problems clear enough for me.
    I’m not a beginner, and I’m assuming the workbook is for beginners.
    Also, 70 pages (16 chapters) is a lot and when I saw it I thought – Phew, that’s a lot to wade through.
    I’ve tried to be as honest in answering your questions as I can, Delia.

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    I think it explains itself very well. I like that you emphasize that it’s a “DIY” and requires work.

    One thing I would consider adding is a small blurb about your services. I see that you added links at the bottom, but I would explain what you do in a couple sentences, to entice readers even more to click the links. Like a question: Want help with this book? OR What to work together making your blogs amazing? Just my opinion. :)
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    I think it was explained well and will a great resource. I am one of those ppl that does most everything trial and error and it takes forever. I think that is a power statement. I feel also that the price is great. I have purchased several blogging books for double the cost and more, and did not get out of the books what I got out of this free FB Group. The content I feel is what most bloggers are looking for.
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    I thought it was really clear and the actions to tick off really show that the book IS going to give you steps to check off. Excellent for those starting a blog but also great for the more experienced to assess how their blog is formatted, making sure they’re maximising their blog to it’s fullest potential.
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    I think your page describes it very well Delia without getting into too much detail. I like how you pointed out that it is work and it takes action to see results! So often we aren’t willing to put the work into something and then wonder why we aren’t getting results. I like the idea of a chapter a week…it seems very doable!
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    Hi Delia,

    It’s a good decision to sell stuff through blog. Moreover it’s about what we love. After seeing description of the books my first impression is this product is for those who want to start a blog. For those in the middle level of blogging might want to know something like “How to Make Product and Sell it Through Blog”, “How to Get Steady Monthly Traffic” and so on.

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    I thought the page was clean and informative. My nephew does my blog–but there may be a day when he backs out and tells me I’m on my own. And I will need tis book! Until then, I can’t take on another “job.” It will likely take me longer than your page stated since I’m not as savvy as some of your readers. If a person is doing their blog themselves, I think this would be the perfect WORK book. Have a great week.
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    • says

      Thanks so much, Linda! I agree you have to get the book when you are “in the space” when you can actually use it.

      As with everything we are buying, we need to make sure it’s the right thing for us at the right moment :)
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