How to create quote images with Pinwords

create quotes images pinwordsHave you always wanted to create nice quotes images to use for your blog posts?

Or maybe you wanted to post them as image updates on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest?

Look no more, because I tried Pinwords, a free online tool, just for you!

And I created this super easy video for you to follow along!

If you cannot see the video above, try watching How to create quote images with Pinwords on YouTube!

Your turn!

Have you tried Pinwords yet and did you like it? Leave me a comment and share this post so others can benefit!

Have a great blog!


  1. Fantastic post and video tutorial, Delia! I have never tried Pinwords as I use Photoshop, but will definitely try it out. I hear the question all the time from people who would like to create quote images by themselves.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I’d never heard of this site but just checked it out and it sure is super easy!
    Emma invites you to read…Teaching Preschoolers To GiveMy Profile

  3. This is a great tip and the video is so helpful. I think I can do it. I just need to flag this post and review it before doing my next quote. Merry Christmas!
    Out One Ear – Linda Atwell invites you to read…Ten Things Of Thankful: December 22, 2014My Profile

  4. This awesome! I need to try this one, thanks for sharing this info Delia!
    Remy invites you to read…Merry Christmas from Busy Mom Monologues!My Profile

  5. Thank you Delia…this looks so easy to use…I appreciate your videos!
    Deanna Heiliger invites you to read…Don’t Agree With MeMy Profile

  6. Thanks for sharing Delia. I love your Youtube videos!
    Carol invites you to read…10 ways to motivate yourself to clean your houseMy Profile

  7. I’ve used this in the past and find it’s one of my favorites in terms of ease of use. I wish they had more templates – but it’s certainly one of my go-to resources! Thanks for sharing!
    Lisa Mallis invites you to read…A.W.E. Inspired – ChoicesMy Profile

  8. This looks fab Delia I’m going to add this one to the list. I’m planning to spend a morning testing all your quote sites to find which one I like best
    Lorellemac invites you to read…An Aussie ChristmasMy Profile

  9. These look fab Delia, and I’ll try and remember them if ever I need to make quotes. You’re always so full of good tips!
    Phoebe invites you to read…Merry Christmas, don’t mention New Year!My Profile

  10. look great but dunno whether it is important for my blog or not
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