What makes a blog awesome?

Share with me, when you come to a blog for the first time, what is it that makes a good impression on you? That makes you read, click around, and read some more?

Is it the format, is it the nice smile of the blog author at the top of the page, or do you simply dig into the content and do not mind how it looks at all, as long as their information is great?

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What makes a blog awesome?

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Here’s some ideas to get your creative juices flowing, but feel free to comment with your own, I’d love to read your thoughts!

What makes a blog awesome?

1. The blog layout, colors, fonts

2. How easy it is to navigate and find stuff

3. The content written

4. If they have many comments

5. The author bio and pretty smile

6. How many shares they have on social media

7. How cool their social media communities seem to be

8. How and if they answer to comments

9. How often do they blog

10. The simplicity of the blog design

Your turn!

Share with me your top 3 things, or just one, the choice is yours.

You can also tell me what makes you never go back to a blog after you went once. It’s excellent feedback that we can all learn from!

Oh, and have an awesome blog!


  1. My top 3 picks are the 3 C’s:
    1) Colors
    2) Content
    3) Comments
    Colors make the blog attractive and increases the chance of readers to stay longer, while IMHO Content is the key feature of any blog and last but not least Comments which shows the readers engagement.
    I wish someday, I’ll also have the loyal readers and comments on my blog.

    BTW, your blog is really AWESOME having all the 3C’s perfectly :)
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  2. For me it always comes down to good content delivered honestly and I love a blogger who dares to show her vulnerable side. And of course, I love it when opinions are openly shared too.

  3. Unfortunately, I’m reading this after the 12th

    BTW, these 3 things give me good impression about any blog:
    - Load spead (If it’s slow, I’m soon going to close the page)
    - Design
    - Social signales -comment counts, shares, likes, tweets, etc

    There are couple of others but I’m stopping at 3 here ;)
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  4. You can just kind of tell if it’s good content. I enjoy literate writing and cool images. And if the site has CpmmentLuv, well I have to read it so I can comment intelligently. :)
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  5. Hi Delia,

    I believe that all these aspects can effect the bounce rate of ones blog. Personally pop-ups and page speed seem to be the first thing I notice. If I’m hit with a bunch of pop-ups and it takes the page forever to load then it’s doubtful I’ll stick around very long.

    The immediate second I look for is great content. I love to learn and read something new when I visit a page, the world is so fast paced these days. It’s important to find the information you’re looking for as quickly as possible.

    Other than that, the look and feel of a site would come in last with me. If I’ve been on a site long enough to get to that, then admiring the looks is my last objective.

    Thanks for a great post, these are things we should all keep in mind and prioritize.

    Best Regards,
    Robert Tuttle
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  6. Tash Hughes

    Content is what attracts me to a blog – a poor layout when I get there reduces the credibility (and thus likelihood I’d return) but if the content lives up to expectations I’ll stay despite the layout.

    To be worth returning to, a blog must provide useful and easy-to-read content, not be cluttered with lots of ads or hyperlinks and be easy to use. To be awesome it would also need a good sense of community and discussions which partially means it must be easy to leave comments.

    I honestly don’t care if the blog is well represented in social media though – I’m there for the blog. That may well accompany good community and content but I don’t judge blogs for it.
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  7. These are all good points. For me the title of course has to pull me in. And the content has to be exactly what I want. If you don’t get me by the first paragraph I’m leaving right away.

    Also a big turnoff or me is length. If its too long I stop reading and start skimming.

  8. I think you covered everything Delia, and all your items are important. For me a blog awesome is easy to read, short and informative article!
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  9. I think the biggest thing that makes a blog awesome is your voice. If you can get your unique character through in your writing, and people like and respect your views, then you will have an awesome blog!
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  10. My Top 3 are:
    1. The content
    2. The design (including photos)
    3. The personality of the author

    And you can tell when the author has put a lot of time in his blog. That’s another plus ;)

    As already said your list here is great :) and you keep up with all the points with your own page :)
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  11. Delia – you seem to have covered most areas in your list, but here’s a couple.
    Easy to read text – is crucial ( I’m off if I have to peer at stuff – the delights of getting older, I suspect).
    Also too many Google Adsense ads that make it difficult to find the post.
    PS. I forgot that 12 April was the dealing for Darren’s challenge :(
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  12. I really enjoy the discussion threads at the end of posts. If there’s an active community with lively discussions between commenters and the blogger, that makes me want to stick around. I love doing the same on my blog; I get really excited when people comment because I love discussing ideas. :)
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  13. Hi Delia,
    I guess it depends how you get to the blog, because if it’s via, say, a blog challenge, you may get taken straight to an individual post.

    So, the content is key, it has to press my buttons, but what I’ve found as I visit many different blogs, is that I do smile at different blog names, and am finding that certain names when I see them will likely have content and writing style I’ll enjoy, just from the blog name.

    That’s been an interesting discovery.
    P.S. Men bloggers have a genius zone too, right?
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    • Hey Gordon, absolutely men bloggers need to stay in their genius zone too :)
      Thanks for your comment, interesting to make the link between a blog name and their content.
      I guess I’m so used with blogs that have the name of their owner as the domain name, that I have to stop and think when I see a diff blog name, what the meaning may be.
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  14. Here are my top three: First, the readability (size of font, colors, etc.) are important to my aging eyes. (Your blog was fantastic in that aspect). Second, the content. I prefer short posts, but if the post engages, will read it to the end. Third, consistency in posting. I don’t mind if you don’t post daily. If I know you only post on Saturdays, fine, if it is every Saturday. If I enjoy you, I want to catch all of your posts!
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  15. Delia,

    Such a great post! The first thing I look for in a blog post is the subject of the content and whether it resonates with something I’m interested in. The second thing that keeps me interested is the style of writing; I respond better to an informal, conversational style except for How Tos (like clear and specific steps). Lastly, I like reading comments; I sometimes find the additional information as informative as the content!

    What I don’t respond well to on a blog are flash pictures (takes way too long to load and I will probably have clicked out), having to fill out too much information in comment section (those darn captchas) and I won’t stay long if the content is very different from the subject line (makes me feel like I was suckered into reading).

    Yours was great and I enjoyed reading it!
    Lynn Spiro
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  16. I think an awesome blog has content that I can use. Even if I may already know, sometimes the reminder comes at the perfect time.

    A couple of blogs that I will never go back to are ones that have advertisements in about 7 or 8 places in the blog post itself, (very distracting) and ones where the site is crazy with color and hurts my eyes.
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  17. Delia, I like all the elements you mentioned. I’m drawn first to the photo and title, and if it’s something about positive living, holistic health, or spiritual path, I may very well read the post. Also some business/blog how-to posts. I didn’t know Problogger had a writing challenge–I’ll check it out–thanks!

  18. For me, the perfect blog is well written, shares new information I didn’t know, AND is not too long! (funny thing – I almost had a typo- luckily I checked it – LOL)
    and also- if it has a good question to answer – like yours!
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  19. A simple design, with not too many distracting ads, full of useful content will sucker me in every time! Bad grammar, and horrible spelling will drive me away no matter how useful the content might be.

    Thanks for this post!
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  20. Well, I think that is a pretty good list… and one that I need to take and apply parts. Also, with some things I’ve been reading it is the content that is shared form a variety of sources that also seems to help in terms of traffic, etc.

    Have a great day!
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