5 awesome tips to get you up and running with Pinterest

Guest post by MamaRed Knight of mamaredknight.com.

So you’ve heard about Pinterest, right? It’s the latest up-and-comer in the world of social media. I know, like you needed another social media thang to keep up with, right?

A quick overview

Remember those corkboards that hung in your room with all your favorite things you wanted to have? Or maybe you saw one of them at the grocery store with an ad for a local business or a room for rent. Or maybe there was one in your college dorm room looking for a study partner, a date or a roomie.

Well that’s essentially what Pinterest is: a visual “corkboard-like” image-based social media tool that is taking the world by storm. In fact, it has grown more quickly than any other social media tool to date AND drives more traffic and more purchases than the Big 4 (Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn). Combined.

Awesome tips for PinterestLaunched in 2010, the visual images have propelled it to over 48.7 million users. That’s a bunch, eh?

The majority of the U.S. based users are women (about 70-80% at the time of this post) from 24-35 who love to build pinboards with their favorite images (pins) and share them with others (called a repin). In the beginning, the majority of the pins were either retail type thangs or recipes.

As it is grown, that has expanded to include products and services of all types, how-to videos (yup, you can post videos too… lots of people don’t realize that!), favorite music, realtors sharing what they have available in their market (including all the wonderful things to do in their area).

Now coaches, speakers, authors, healers and other service-oriented businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and driving traffic to their blogs by turning what they know and do into visuals that grab the eyeballs (and the pocketbook too).

So how do you put it to use for YOU and YOUR blog?

Let’s say you’ve done some research, checked your business plan, reviewed your marketing strategy and decided Pinterest is right for you and your business… How can you drive more eyeballs to your blog and your offers and your awesome sauce?

Tip 1: Make sure every post has at least 1 image

Since Pinterest is a totally visual site, you must have at least 1 image for every post or page you want shared. There are all sorts of fancy schmancy ways to have multiple images and let your visitor choose which one they want to share.

Don’t worry about it when you get started. Simply make sure there is a pinnable image in your post.

An extra for you: Not really a great photographer or artist? You can create a series of tips by creating a background in Powerpoint or Keynote (or any of the free alternatives) and save it as an image. Voila. An image for your post!

Tip 2: Make sure you pin FROM your blog TO Pinterest

Pinterest provides a nifto neato keeno PinIt option that you can use to pin your posts (or any others you find while noodling around on the Internet). Make sure you have that loaded and ready to go when you’re blogging.

Why? Because it kindly picks up the URL of your post and adds that to your pin! When someone says “hey, I like that” and repins it to their account, your URL goes along for the ride! Good stuff, right?

Although pinners are primarily focused on the image you share, make sure you include a description that lures them to great stuff and getting more of your amazingness.

An extra for you: Get your PinIt button from the Pinterest website… it doesn’t cost a thing except a couple of minutes of your time!

Tip 3: Give others a way to pin your goodies

Most of us know it’s a good thing to give people a way to share your goodies and it’s taken a while for many of the common social sharing tools to add Pinterest to their list of options.

Believe me, you don’t want to count on your visitors’ having the PinIt button! They may not. Or they may forget. Or any number of other “excuses” they’ll make.

Make sure they have a way to pin at the top or bottom (or both!) of your posts. If your social sharing tools don’t include Pinterest either check for another one that does (I use Trackable Social Share Icons, although they’ve recently announced they’re no longer supporting the plugin… durn it!).

An extra for you: Grab one of the options from the Pinterest website  for adding share buttons and even specific pins or pinboards to your site. Might as well show off your best stuff, right?

Tip 4: Pick your Pinboard names carefully

People are on the run, scanning the images you’ve shared and if your pinboard (or “board”) names don’t grab their attention, they’ll move on, lickety split and not give you a second thought! So make sure you’re giving your guests a reason to click on your board and check out your goodies.

Once someone clicks on your pinboard, make sure what is shared matches the board name. Nothing irritates people more than checking out something like “Best Blogging Tips” and finding a pictures of your favorite hairstyles or wedding plans. Keep it organized and consistent to keep people coming back over and over again.

An extra for you: Add a description of your board when you create it so people know what to expect. It’s kind of like describing your menu so people know they want to join you for that nummee dinner you’re planning.

Tip 5: Organize your Pinterest boards

The top “real estate” in the Pinterest world is what is on the top 2 rows of pinboards. Make sure that is where you put your most valuable information and the stuff that is most likely to entice people to your blog and your offers.

An extra for you: If you want to get even more traffic to your website, put your very best stuff in the middle of the first two rows and use colors like oranges, reds and browns to attract attention. You can even create custom board covers that grab people’s attention!

Mamared KnightMamaRed Knight is a business strategist, kick-ass consultant and techie stuff de-mystifier at MamaRed Knight International. She thrives on teaching small business owners how to create a “sexy backend for their business” by streamlining, automating and using the right technology for them.

She also helps them turn their message into a product empire that builds their bank account, spreads their message and transforms the world.
MamaRed would love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Your turn!

Are you using Pinterest to grow your blog and what are your tips? Please leave a comment and share this post so other can benefit! Have a great blog!


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    Hey MamaRed – another great post! Delia – thanks for sharing MamaRed’s wisdom! So far I’ve only used Pinterest for my own inspiration . . . so I TOTALLY appreciate the step-by-step instructions! I just pinned two of my posts . . . not as complicated as I anticipated!!! Thanks!!!
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    Pinterest is growing so quickly and there are so many ways to use it to promote your business, EVEN if it isn’t a “visual” type business. And it is lots of fun to play with (ok, so that can be dangerous too…smile). Thanks for letting me be part of your amazing blog!