How to add your blog to Facebook: Add a Blog tab to your Facebook page

Do you want people to access your blog easily from your Facebook page? Perfect! What you need to do is:

Step 1: Add your blog to NetworkedBlogs

Step 2: Optional but useful: Link your blog to your Facebook page and Twitter profile

Step 3 (this post): Add a Blog tab to your Facebook page


OK, so Step 3: How to add a Blog tab to your Facebook page:

BTW, the Blog tab can be added to Facebook business pages and not to personal profiles. But this is what we want, right?

1. Log into Facebook with your personal profile. Do not use your business page, as it will not work.

2. Go to the NetworkedBlogs fan page.

3. Click the little wheel icon next to the Message button and click Add App to Page. Follow this image:

add blog tab Facebook add app

4. From the window, select your page (make sure it has the check mark before the page name) and click Add Page Tab. Follow this image:

add blog tab Facebook add page tab

5. Go to your page and click your newly installed Blog tab. Click Choose Blogs. You may be getting a message to refresh the page, a few times. Refresh and your blog will show up. Make sure the blog is selected and click Save. Follow this image:

add blog tab Facebook page select

Great! Now you added a Blog tab to your Facebook page.

Your turn!

After you completed these steps, post a comment with your Facebook page so I can check out your sparkly Blog tab!

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  1. Thank you for sharing, simple and easy to use.

  2. I added the Blog app to my facebook page, although you actually have to click on the app for my blog to show up. What I want to do is have a post appear on my facebook page whenever I publish a new post. It used to do this and then I changed my URL and I can’t figure out how to do it again. Will it happen now automatically or will I need to do something else?
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  3. I am disappointed. When I tried to add my blog, the application told me “Blog Registeration Currently Unavailable

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Currently we’re not accepting new blog registrations. If you have already registered your blog, you can continue to edit and manage it from the Blogger Dashboad page.”

  4. Well that was easy… thank you!
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  5. please how may i link my blogger posts automatically to my facebook page so that whatsoever i post goes to my facebook page
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  6. facebook page is https//

  7. Great tutorial! Worked (fairly) seamlessly.
    The feed is working as well – woo hoo!

  8. Hi Delia,
    Yes, very simple and fast.
    Thank you so much! Your tutorials are fabulous!!
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  9. Thank you so much! This was perfect :) Your instructions were very clear and easy.
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  10. Thank you very much for explaining how to link a blog to Facebook. I am a very newbie to blogging and I appreciate you spelling it out with simplicity! I’ll be following you for sure to get more info and tips on tricks and making my blogs even better!
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  11. Great trick to add blog tab to our facebook fan page I will quickly go and add it now to get more traffic to my blog Thanks Delia
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  12. Great article Delia, im not much of a Facebook user as such but i do use it i concentrate more on Google Plus where i have written some guides and tutorials. I need to set up my Networked Blogs and add that to my fan page, will need to find some time to do that.

    Regards Dexter Roona
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  13. Hello Delia,

    Surprised to see the number of comments to this post. Indeed it’s really informative pots and I’ve just created a simple app for my blog in facebook and this post has given completely information about it.

    Thanks for sharing.
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  14. Thank You for this post! It was very helpful and easy to follow now I only need to figure out what to do to make images appear next to my posts and I’m ready to go :) You can check my FB here:

  15. Hi Delia! Another question – how do you get the little square ads down the side of your blog? How do you attach them to the files for others to open? I’ve tried other styles but I really like yours. Thanks Susanne

  16. Thanks for the info, this worked great for me! I\’m a busy mom of 2 boys, and I just started my own business making paper flowers. I will definitely be using these tips when applying to my blog as I\’m pretty new to the blogging world. You can share in my journey with me here I look forward to connecting with other bloggers!

  17. I just came across your blog and the post to add a blog tab to FB page. It was a bit of mucking around I must say. It wasn’t as simple as your instructions unfortunately but it’s up there My posts show up but without images. Does this mean I have to make the image a featured image?
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  18. Hi there! I came by to visit from SITS Girls Spring Fling and found this post! I had no idea. I just connected my blog to my mini-facebook page at: and will connect my others when it’s all ready. So very, very helpful! Thank you!
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  19. Hi, I have just added my blog and linked to facebook, all great except the blog posts load very slowly. Did I do something wrong? Probably!
    Thank you x

  20. When I try to choose and save my blog to the Facebook tab. I keep getting an error. Thanks. Michelle

  21. Thank you so much! Your tutorials are fabulous!!
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  22. Mine works but I do not like the way the photo looks. They do not give a photo of my post to hold my readers interest but the blog header. Any suggestions?
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    Thanks so much!
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  24. super excited if this will work! But :-(
    I’m stuck with step 3.
    Click the little wheel icon next to the Message button and click Add App to Page.
    I don’t have that option under my little wheel icon. i only have create app and manage apps…
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  25. Katie Ball says:

    Awesome thanks for your help!

  26. I’m so happy I found this post, I’ve been wondering how people make the blog tab :) I will have to get busy and make one. Love your blog I’m a new follower. #SITSBlogging love
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  27. Thanks for the tip! It took me forever to figure out how to do this. Wish I had found your blog post sooner. I could have saved some time! Visiting from the SITS Girls comment challenge.
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  28. Thanks for the help – worked fine.

  29. Thanks for the help

  30. Thank you for helping add a blog tab to my business page on facebook…

  31. Hi Delia, thank you so much for this post! For someone who writes a blog, I am not the most tech-savvy, but after reading several articles on how to do this, you made this SO easy and I really appreciate it. And it works! Doing this also made me ‘discover’ your blog for the same time and I am so impressed! Love how you write. Looking forward to following and reading a lot more.
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  32. Very grateful for this blogpost. I will try to setup my blog to networkblog after this.
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  33. Thanks so much for the help. Now I only need to figure out why my feed doesn’t refresh. And the last post showing up on the blog tab is three month old.
    I refreshed it on the networked blogs page and it says the feed works perfectly but it won’t show up on the tab.

  34. Thanks for this tutorial! After reading I immediately removed the one I had before and replaced it with NetworkedBlogs. I like this one because it takes the traffic straight to your blog. Thanks again.

    Your fellow SITS Girl
    Nicole Williams invites you to read…NYC Valentine’s GuideMy Profile

  35. Thanks so much for your help. I tried a few other pages to help get my blog tab and they spoke too much computer techy talk for me. Yours was very helpful and now I have a blog tab :)

  36. Nice tutorial! It’s very easy to follow – great for those who don’t know who to do it! Stopped by for a visit from the SITS FB group!
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  37. Great Tutorial! This was the third tutorial I had to read through to finally get my blog tab on Facebook. So easy! Thankyou:)

    • Hi all! Thanks so much for the tips…is there a way I can add my logo to this blog button on Facebook, instead of the standard blue and white that says “Blog”

      Thanks so much!


  38. I added the blog app to my facebook and it was so easy! What a great tutorial this is

  39. Oh my word! I am eternally grateful to you for this post. I have been trying to figure out how to do this for months now and with your help I set it up in minutes. Thanks a million!
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  40. Thanks great help to add my blog.

    Please visit us and Portugal at

  41. This was super easy to follow – took me less than a minute to set it up, thanks for the useful post! Do visit my blog when you get a chance!
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  42. I just found you on the SITS facebook group post and so glad I did! I will do some more exploring on your site, but for now, my blog is linked to my page, so thanks!!
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  43. This was super! Thank you so much! FACEBOOK: cynthiacranesart
    Cynthia Crane invites you to read…January 2014 PC Desktop Calendar – FREE DOWNLOAD!My Profile

  44. Wow! Thank you for this amazing post. It was so easy to add blog to the page and I didn’t know that!
    I am happy I came across by your blog. Subscribed it so that I don’t miss other helpful posts. :)
    Manpreet invites you to read…4 Things You Need To Know Before You Start BloggingMy Profile

  45. Done. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  46. Thank you! I’ve trying to do this for 2 days, and finally succeeded with your clear instructions.

  47. great share tanks you=)
    happy new year
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  48. Thanks for this info. It’s great I’m gonna try it out

  49. Great How to Tutorial, but facebook is alwayas changing the design and I have always to search for info like this. Thanks for Posting.
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  50. Thanks you so much!!
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  51. Thks a lot.

    Your post really helps me. Since i’ve tried a few times & i succeed to add my blog: to my FB pages..Myshas At Yong Tau Foo

    see your next post..
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  52. Thank you so much this was a huuuge help. Next I am gonna try and make cute little tabs for my page. Yaayy i am so excited =D
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  53. done! It was easier than I thought, thanks Delia!


  55. Thank you! What a brilliantly helpful site. I am in your debt and will no doubt return again.

  56. Hi Delia

    Thank you so much for this! Took all of 5 minutes and now I finally have my blog post on my FB page. Perfect : )

  57. Hi, Delia! Thank you so much!! :) Thanks for making it all easy for me :)
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  58. Hello Delia,

    Thanks a lot! I am trimming up my page and tweaking out some changes (always eager to add more than only the default items :) .. )

    I added mine and it worked like a charm! Took few minutes to get it done with your instructions! :)

    Thanks again, Delia !!

  59. Thanks very much for this post, Delia! You are so helpful. Here is my FB page if you’d like to see it. —

  60. Wow, that was super helpful! Thanks!!!
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  61. Hi, i followed your step to create a blog tab on my facebook page, which is awesome by the way! Thank you very much for sharing. But now I want to remove this tab. Can I ask how can I do it?

  62. Thank you So Much, excellent instructions!!!!!Haha I was just told I hadn’t commented with enough words, then that I hadn’t spent enough time on the page, I don’t know what else to say but thank you again.
    Kate invites you to read…Am I addicted to storms? And can I write without running?My Profile

  63. This is very helpful, Delia! I’ve done step #1, and am now working on #3. So what if my blog is not “checked” when I go to “add app to page”?
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  64. Thank you so much! My page is :)

  65. I can’t thank you enough for the easy instructions. I’ve been blogging about “things that bring delight (food, craft,travel, flowers)” for 6 years now and I am finally getting around to attaching my blog to my FB fan page. I tell myself that the capability is relatively new and it makes me feel better…
    Again, thanks SO much! All the best, Anne
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  66. Thanks for the help! It was really easy to follow! ;)
    Juan invites you to read…Smiles of MyanmarMy Profile

  67. thank you for all of the help

  68. Great ..
    Thank you for this useful information !

  69. Thank you so very much for the article. You made it so easy to add my blog to my new Facebook page.
    Lisa Egri invites you to read…How Sick is Too Sick to Go to School?My Profile

  70. Kerry Sibson

    Thanks so much! I’m not very savvy with technology, but with your help I’ve manages to put a blog tab on facebook page and link it to twitter & facebook!

  71. Delia –
    I’m with the small team behind NetworkedBlogs. Thanks for a fantastic tutorial on connected the Facebook tab. It is a question we get a lot! Wanted to point you to our new product, Symphony (, that we developed for more advanced NetworkedBlogs users. It’s a full suite of tools for social media including even better options for the FB tab.

  72. Thanx! Finally got around to doing this. This is great!!
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  73. That’s really a great Facebook tip, Gonna try it on my page

  74. Hello!
    Brilliant, simple explanation that worked for me instantly. Thank you very much.
    What I’d like to know now is, how can I delete a blog post from my FB networked blog link?
    This is due to me voting back into my blogger, changing the title of a post three times and now those three titles are showing on my FB blog link, but with broken links to an empty page. Looks silly! Any advice gratefully received as how I can remove these from the networked blog link on my FB page.
    Lovin your blog!

  75. thanks a lot! working :)
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  76. HI, thanks so much for a clear and easy to follow tutorial! x
    lynn invites you to read…Garlands galore!My Profile

  77. You are extremely amazing, I been trying to figure out this for days! Thank you so much…Your instructions were nice, short and simple.

  78. This is really a good post. Very detailed. Thank you so much for sharing this very informative post.

  79. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I absolutely love this! Not only having my blog accessible from my FB page (it was thru another service, but suddenly stopped working), but I also am happy to be a part of Networked Blogs, exploring and able to follow blogs of interest. I got a little scare when I clicked on format and it said something about billing, but later I was able to confirm I have a free account. Since you did not mention cost, I assume that the billing for FB is for other features.
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  80. OMG! thanks so much for this post! I been trying to figure this out with FB’s note app, but it has been so frustrating to get done. Thanks again :-))
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  81. Hey, thanks for this! I was looking for good tab ideas, so I could add some custom tabs and more things to promote. I was hoping to have a way to either link (again) to the blog or show off posts. My posts look better on site than with the feed, but I’m happy to incorporate the NetworkedBlogs app actually. I just added my blog there, but hopefully it will work well.

    Here’s my FB page. Check out my “sparkly” custom tab images and consider following. :-D Thanks.
    [If I add it here, your WP setup won't let me publish my comment at all! But if I put it in my URL field, I can't use CommentLuv. Please click on my FB pg from my site??? With a cherry on top!]

    By the way, your site is so cute! Checking it out more in a minute! :-)

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  82. My blog already posts to social media with each new post using the settings but putting the blog on you FB page – BRILLIANT! You are truly amazing and a plethora of info! Thanx for the post!

  83. Hi,
    I am partially there with putting my blog tab on my FB page, however I lost the page with the wordpress script, do you know where I can find it so that I can complete the process and varify myself.
    Please and thanks.

  84. Thank you Delia for this excellent post! Just the help I needed! :-)

  85. Delia this has been a great help. God Bless you!
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  86. You are so awesome!! Thank you so much for this super easy tutorial. My fan page is
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  87. thank u very much delia i was trying from very long time to add the tab to my facebook page and today i succeeded .the credit goes to you very nice and helping post.

  88. Thank you Delia for such easy to follow instructions! I had been wondering how, and trying hard, to get my blog to show up on my new Facebook business page – and with your help I finally got what I wanted.
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  89. Hello Delia ,

    Thanks for the usefull blog post its great when you break it down into easy to follow steps but am experiencing some trouble in step 5 when I click on ”Choose Blogs” nothing happens it just stays the way it is !Please help :(

    ManjiriK invites you to read…FBC’12 – A Flashback!My Profile

  90. Great tutorial – I just did it! My blog shows up in my second row though so you can’t see it unless you click on a dropdown. Is there a way to move it into the first row? Right now Photos, Likes, Pinterest, and Twitter take up the first row. Also if there a way for it to look a little nicer…it just says blog right now!
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  91. Thanks Delia. This was so easy to follow and simple to implement. Really helpful and what’s more it actually works unlike a lot of other suggestions.

  92. THANK YOU! I searched for days to find a tutorial on adding your blog to facebook. All the tutorials I found were out of date, until I found yours!! I’m so happy I finally have my blog linked to the fb page;)
    You are amazing!

  93. Thank you so much for this! I’m getting much better at blogging and great tips from you really help!

  94. Thank you so much for the tutorial! I was sitting here for the longest time trying to figure this out.

  95. Thanks for this great tutorial on how to add your blog to your facebook feed. While I have been using networked blogs to add my content to tab on my site, I never considered using it to post. I still have issues with some autoposted things!!

  96. You’ve no idea how helpful you have been!! This was driving me insane and you saved me! THANK YOU!!!
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  97. That was a snap! Thanks. It looks great now!

  98. It’s beautiful! Thank you so much! :)
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  99. Thank you so much for this post. I found it on Pinterest and I didnt even know you could add your Blog to your Facebook page. What a helpful tool. Hopefully it increases traffic to my blog as well. Thanks again…

  100. Delia! Love your blog. Found this post as a tweet. I was wondering how to do that! I got everything set up only to find out that it is a paid monthly service. However, I am happy to get set up on Networked blogs and that it posts to Facebook and twitter for me!
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  101. Hi Delia , this is first time visit, cool blog with loads of content for blog formatting to spruce up blogs.

    I just signed up to be notified of new posts.. thanks.. jay

  102. Done. Thanks for this, Delia. I was wondering how to do that.
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