Hello, women entrepreneurs, ready to share your blog message?

Delia Rusu Blog FormattingHi there! I’m Delia, Chief Encouragement Officer here at Blog Formatting, so happy to meet YOU!

I am a happy wife, blessed mom of two wonderful girls, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, blog cheerleader, positive thinker, author, reader, fast walker and all-around happiness spreader!

If sometimes I invent words (don’t tell me you weren’t puzzled about the “spreader” above!), it’s because I’m not a native English speaker and those invented words make lots of sense to me.

(If you are a blogger with an accent, you know this too well!). I am also known for confusing “in” and “on” a lot and I appreciate that people are nice enough not to point that to me :)

In fact in grade 2, when I started to learn English, I refused to use the phonetic spelling and I wrote my own list of words with the Romanian pronunciation in parentheses, like: lamp [lemp] 

Of course, my dear English teacher at the time tore off all pages from my notebook saying I’ll never learn English that way. That was terribly disappointing to me as I was the best in class and thought I knew everything about learning.

Two months after the incident I was being called to all English classes in the school to read aloud the most complicated words in English. Using the phonetics, of course! This was back in Romania in the mid 70s… Ha! Now you also know how old I am :)

But, ’nuff about me! How about you and your blog?

Tell me, is your blog a wonderful place to be?

You know, you just sit down, with a nice cup of tea or coffee next to your computer, and you immerse yourself in writing and writing only, without having to worry about anything else?

Or does it feel like a hard chore…

because the writing part comes easy to you, but you’re being overwhelmed about what tools to use, how to make your posts look easy to read and more engaging visually, and how and where to promote your blog? And that is taking so much precious time you could be spending doing, I don’t know, more writing?

Don’t you wish that someone waved a magic wand…

…and took that worry away from you? Then you would always stay in your genius zone, doing what you do best?

Well, then you’ve come to the right place!

…because I can help you! Whether you need advice on the best blogging tools to use or encouragement to blog consistently, I’m your gal! I will give you all the support you need so that you can stay in your genius zone, focusing solely on writing your blog.

Promise I won’t tear off any of your blog posts, but only teach you how to do it better so you are in the best position to share your message with the world!

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